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U5 First Kicks(Born in 2016,2017,2018) 

  • Have fun and meet new friends while learning basic fundamental movement skills such as; running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing and catching. Parents/guardians join in on the fun, helping to encourage players to enjoy playing with the ball practicing dribbling, kicking and shooting. The emphasis is on FUN!

U7 FUNdamentals(Born in 2014,2015) 

  • This program emphasizes the ABC’s of movement: agility, balance, coordination and speed. Ball control in receiving passes, dribbling, passing, kicking the ball forward and shooting on goal. Basic cooperation between players is introduced through fun small-sided games and activities.

U9 The Golden Age of Learning (Born in 2012,2013)

  • This program teaches basic principles of play, field awareness and decision-making. Soccer related movement and technical skills are taught in a fun and challenging environment.

Competitive Programs

Division 1 (AA) U11/U12(Born in 2009/2011), U13(Born in 2008/2009), U15(Born in 2006/2007), U18(Born in 2003) boys and girls 

  • Technical, tactical, physical, mental and social skills are developed in a competitive environment. Division 1 (AA) is the perfect training ground for players who wish to reach the next level Premiership (AAA). Players are often called up to Premiership teams due to absent or injured players. Teams compete in a regional league against other clubs for the chance to play in the Division 1 (AA) Provincial Championships. Elite players are identified and recommended to Soccer NB for Provincial team tryouts.

Premiership (AAA) U13(Born in 2008/2009), U15(born in 2006/2007), U17(Born in 2004/2005) boys and girls 

  • This is the highest level of soccer in New Brunswick. Teams compete in the NBSL (New Brunswick Soccer League) against top teams from around the province for a chance to go on to the Provincial Championships. Provincial winners in the U13 age groups move on to the Atlantic Championships. Provincial winners in the U15 and U17 age groups earn a spot in the National Championship. 

U9/U12 Academy Program – Born in 2009-2013

  • This program is designed for the player with a high level of commitment to his/her soccer development. Players are offered the opportunity to accelerate their development through advanced training sessions coached by experienced and qualified coaches working within a club-wide curriculum developed by our Technical Director. The goal of the program is to prepare our players for competitive soccer at U13 and above, by developing their technical and tactical skills in a high quality training environment where an enthusiasm for, and a commitment to the game, is nurtured and rewarded.


Individual Development Activities for all age groups
(From Soccer NB return to play guidelines 2020 – low contact)

Because of the current pandemic and specific restrictions, the SJSC training sessions will follow this model until we are permitted to proceed to the next phase of return to play. The individual development of the player will be at the center of the activities offered during the progressive return phase, and can be divided into 4 main families:

  1. Individual technical development: Unopposed activities to develop techniques specific to soccer. For example, exercises of the “Coerver” type, juggling, drift work and ball driving on courses, specific work by shift in small groups. All these activities are carried out individually with a ball. 
  2. Activation and physical preparation: Motor and physical development activities; allow to prepare the body for exercise, to work on coordination, mobility, speed, balance, flexibility, etc. All these activities are carried out individually, with or without a ball. 
  3. Challenges: By challenge activity, we refer to activities which include competition between 2 or more players but without opposition (i.e. no possibility of contact). These activities can take the form of soccer-tennis, accumulating points in a specific time, etc. These activities can be carried out with 2 or more players, with or without a ball. 
  4. Online activities: Workshops for developing mental or tactical skills. This type of activity can be done remotely with more participants. For example, match analysis session, web conferences on various sports themes, cultural soccer activity.
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